Highland Printing - Digital & Offset Printing in the Southern Highlands and Macarthur
Highland Printing - Digital & Offset Printing in the Southern Highlands and Macarthur
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Rev.Randall R. McBride Jr.

Highland Printing provides all types of soft cover book binding including:-
Plastic Comb Binding

Comb Binding is ideal for books that must lie flat when opened, such as workbooks or manuals and comes with a clear plastic front cover and black leathergrain back cover. Comb binding also comes in handy if your need to insert pages at a later date as the comb is easily opened and closed again.
Plastic Comb Binding
Wire Binding

Wire Binding combines both looks and performance. Documents that are bound with wire binding will open completely flat on a desk and allow for 360 degree rotation of bound pages. Wire binding also includes covers as required.
Wire Binding
Velo (Thermal) Binding

Velo Binding is more often used where presentation is important but the book does not have to open flat. It is extra strong especially for larger documents and ideal for documents that should not be pulled apart.
Velo Binding
Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is the method used to bind paperbacks and thanks to technology you no longer need to order thousands in order to make it viable. Desktop versions mean you have small runs of even a few bound in this manner. Ideal for self-publishers, yearbooks, reports and manuals.
Perfect Binding
Hole Drilling for Ring Binding

If you have notes needing to go into a ring binder then we have the drill to punch the holes. Whether it is 2 holes, 3 holes, 4 holes or more we can save you time and money by drilling your manuals or notes, collated and ready to go.
Paper Drilling for Ring Binders

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